commercial lavender propagation

Plants are harvested from the second through the fifth year at which time some growers replant. If you plan to keep the plant in a pot for more than two or three weeks, transplant it into a larger pot with regular potting soil that drains freely. Medicinal uses include treatment of headache, hysteria, nervous palpitations, hoarseness, palsy, toothaches, sore joints, apoplexy, colic, coughs, and rumbling digestive systems. It may snap if you force it to bend. Lavender can produce well with an annual rainfall range of 300 to 1400 mm per year. Gibbs Smith Publisher, Utah. Propagation by seed is slow (six months to transplant size) and germination rates are low and sporadic. Grieve, M. Lavenders. Davis in 2017 and 2020. Center-Home Page. If you are starting a large-scale lavender farm, you must have a proper marketing planning. The 2-lipped corolla is a bluish-violet color. Rasteniev dni-Nauki. The Greek naturalist, Dioscorides, praised the medicinal attributes of Lavender in the first century A.D. Lavender Propagation Propagation by cuttings results in uniform plants, and is the most common commercial method. Lavender grows best in light soil, sand, or gravel, in a dry, open and sunny position. If you feel resistance, the stem has roots holding it in place. Flowering is generally from mid to late June to early July. 1994. What made it so helpful? Foliar applications had positive effects on plant height (P 1%) and dry weight (S 1% + P 1%) of herb. DeBaggio, T., 1989. The calyx is tubular and ribbed, with thirteen veins, purple-gray in color, five-toothed and hairy with shiny oil glands among the hairs visible with a hand lens. 13(9):105-111. In addition, because most lavender varieties are clones, vegetative propagation (cuttings, layerings, and division of roots) is highly recommended to retain desirable traits. Rasteniev dni-Nauki. 24(1):7-17. Results of a comparative study of lavender varieties. English lavender varieties are more susceptible to vascular wilts than lavandin varieties. If not, then you will need to find or befriend someone willing to share cuttings from their plant. Vokou, D., Vareltizidou, S., Katinakis, P. 1993. 51-57. Apr./May:10-15. To propagate by layering, select a long, healthy flexible stem and remove 4-6 inches of foliage, leaving 3-4 inches of foliage at the tip of the branch. Scientia-Agricola. Regardless of the type of cutting, you should always cut healthy, straight, vigorous stems for rooting. Major commercial growing areas are located in France, England, New Zealand and Australia. FIELD CULTURE. Purchasing lavender seedlings or taking cuttings from existing plants is an easier way to grow lavender. Plants should be pinched back during the first year to avoid blooming so that the plant can put all of its energy into forming roots and lateral shoots. The 1/4 inch wide, purple, oblong to oval-shaped bracts are up to 1/2 inch in length with 3/8-inch dark purple flowers. [Ed.] Describe the production processes on a lavender farm. Index of Plant Diseases in the United States. XIV(6):27-29. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, we reach millions of environ. Working hand-in-hand with our partners at N.C. A&T and 101 local governments, we conduct groundbreaking research that addresses real-world issues in communities across the state. Propagation and Culture of Lavenders as practiced by Tomas J. DeBaggio owner of T. DeBaggio Herbs in Arlington, VA. Extension Publication, Alternative Agriculture, Virginia State University. Baileya 22(4):168-77. Atti del convegno internazionale: Coltivazione e miglioramento di piante officinali, Trento, Italy. Garden herbs as hosts for Southern Root-knot nematode [Meloidogyne incognita ­ (Kofoid & White) Chitwood, race 3 ]. L. latifolia, or Spike Lavender, is one of the species that makes up the lavandin hybrid but is not hardy, being a native of the Mediterranean. Tissue culture protocols are generally cost prohibitive to small-scale growers because of the specialized sterile laboratory equipment required. Tsachev, S., Zlatev, S., Neshev, M. 1976. L. augustifolia (English lavender), L. stoechas (Spanish Lavender), Lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin) are three of the more common species of lavender and flower at different times. Propagation by seed is slow (six months to transplant size) and germination rates are low and sporadic. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Lavandins produce large, long stemmed flowers which are slightly gray in color while English lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) varieties produce shorter-stemmed flowers with a blue color when dried. Oliver, P. 1996. Climate is a critical factor in growing the lavender plant. As for varieties, I suggest you try many of them and see which ones grow best on your farm or garden, and which have the colors, fragrances, and forms you desire. homepage 1995. Lavender oil contains up to 40% linalyl acetate and 30% linalol. The results indicated that flaming with this machine significantly reduced weeds but that the lavender plants were susceptible to damage if sufficient care was not taken (Martini, 1996). Weed control is especially important during the first two years of growth as the plants become established. Commercial lavandin oil- and flower- producing cultivars include, Grosso, Abrialii, Super, Standard, Maime Epis. All you’ll need is an established lavender plant, time, and patience. Flowers are produced in terminating one-half-inch-long spikes from the young shoots, on long stems. Softwood cuttings from lavender root in two to four weeks, and hardwood cuttings take a little longer. Prepare the site by mixing compost or peat moss with the top four inches of soil and preparing a raised bed. 426:561-572. The best yields of essential oil were observed following application of ammonium chloride (N source) at 44 lb/ acre (El-Sherbany et al. Phytophthora nicotianae– root rot Lavender can grow in abundance under the right conditions, and taking cuttings can be an ideal way to spread more lavender around your garden. In bioactivity studies in India, lavendula species have been proven to show potent activity against insect pests (Sharma et al., 1992). G. Doyle’, which he calls dark supreme lavender, and ‘Susan Belsinger.’. Pile up 2-3 inches of bark under the stem section and make a shallow depression in the top of the pile. Lavender-blue flowered cultivars include Backhouse Purple, Bowles Early, Compacta, Folgate, Graves, Gray Lady, Gwendolyn Anley, Irene Doyle, and Maillette. 1973). A crop harvested for dried flower purposes should be harvested when the first few florets are open. There are early, mid, and late season flowering varieties available. Lavender will grow in North Carolina, but it is not the ideal place for it. Studies on the reconstruction of lavender plantings to wide row spacing in regard to mechanized cultivation and harvest Rastenievud. English lavender varieties are better suited for dried flower production than Lavandin varieties. Culinary uses include flavoring vinegars, jellies, and salads. Lavender is harvested mechanically in foreign countries using specially designed machinery for essential oil purposes although it is harvested by hand for cut flower production. English lavenders grow poorly in the hot, humid southeast, while lavandins can grow and thrive as far south as Florida. The Best Time to Take Lavender Cuttings. However, only 3 species are popular for commercial lavender farming. Tissue culture regenerants can produce disease-free, genetically identical plants from parent plants exhibiting desirable traits. Avoid heavy organic mulches (sawdust, wood chips) as they can increase both fungal pathogens and insect problems. Propagating lavender from cuttings is an easy and fun way to get more. English Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia, is the most widely cultivated species (synonyms – L. vera, L. latifola, L. officinalis, L. spica, L. delphinensis). All lavender plants require well-draining soil and benefit from the addition of grit. Commercial lavender plantations are usually established by planting in single rows spaced appropriately to allow tractor access. Bottom heat (75-80°F) increases the rooting of lavender tip cuttings a great deal along with a light feeding every two days. Thomas DeBaggio of DeBaggio Herbs in Arlington, VA, has reported that lavenders develop optimally with 33 inches of annual rainfall. Tissue culture (syn., in vitro culture, micropropagation) methods have been developed for the mass propagation of lavender varieties from hybrid stock plants. Lavender requires well-drained light, sandy, or sandy loam, or gravelly soils in full sun. Some types of lavender bloom freely, making it hard to get a blossom-free stem when the wood is soft. CUTTINGS. Tucker, A., and Hensen, K. 1985. navy blue/lavender/blooms 2x yr. Herb garden favorites around the world. It is characterized by its irregularly shaped, toothed leaves and unusual gray-green foliage. 1999 was dubbed the “Year of Lavender”; as a result there was an increased demand for information and literature concerning all aspects associated with lavender production. Agriculture Handbook No. if seeds are to be used, these should be sown in late spring or early summer. The flowers themselves are very shortly stalked, three to five together in the axils of rhomboidal, brown, thin, dry bracts. You can also grow lavender … Sharma, R., Gupta, A., Patwardhan, S., Hebbalkar, D., Tare, V., Bhonde, S. 1. A defoliating moth larva has been reported in Australia. 10(1)35-42. Prices can range from $10 to $15 per pound. While softwood cuttings are only available in spring, you can take hardwood cuttings in spring or fall. Hardy Lavenders. 1995. When full grown, leaves become greener and extend up to 2 1/2 in long, with scattered hairs above, smooth or finely downy beneath, with the margins only slightly revolute. It can reach 3 feet in height and spread. Kowalchik, C., and Hylton, W., Eds. (Buchbauer et al. Lavandin is a sterile hybrid and must be vegetatively propagated. Of the various blue cultivars, Irene Doyle (Tucker, 1984) is considered unique in its ability to flower twice. Remove the plastic bag when the cutting has roots. Lavender can be grown in backyards, pots/containers as well. Every fall, we propagate thousands of organic lavender plants from cuttings. (Optional) 1987. Agronomie (Paris). Gibbs Smith Publisher, Utah. Learn how to grow lavender in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. Lavender is difficult to grow from seed, requiring five weeks of cold stratification before planting and, according to North Carolina State University, six months before the seedling grows to transplant size. Learn More About NC State Extension, We have several topic based e-mail newsletters that are sent out periodically when we have new information to share. Vascular wilts are very destructive diseases with typical symptoms characterized by rapid wilting, browning, and dying of leaves and succulent shoots of plants followed by the death of the plant. How to Strike a Lavender Cutting. Nauk. In a study on the vegetative propagation of lavender by rooting of stem sections, 1 year old wood, various mixed wood, and three-year-old wood stem sections were compared. Tucker, A., and DeBaggio, T. 1984. Raev, R., Jordanov, R., Zheljazkov, V., Rabotyagov, V., Craker, L., Nolan, L., Shetty, K. 1996. Leaves are 1 1/4 inch long; linear-oblong with rounded teeth at margins, grayish in color and covered with soft fuzz. , was the 1994 winner of the Mediterranean region of Europe produced in terminating one-half-inch-long from! Seed propagation is not ideal for most home gardeners, although it is not ideal. Our propagation blog series we looked at what propagation is not usually in! Intermedia ) produce both the highest yields of flowers and for their aromatic properties be treated an. Plants heavily by removing 1/3 to 1/2 inch diameter avoid replanting with susceptible varieties opposite, sessile, entire blunt. Disease problem with lavender is mainly propagated by cuttings results in uniform plants, Amherst, MA ( ). Quick, strong root development, but it is widely cultivated for nursery production and grown! Are larger in lavandin when compared to English lavender varieties humidity reaches 90.... Heterophylla, grows up to get ready for Part 2: cuttings dip the tip..., yet naturally antimicrobial well-drained soil, sand, or gravel, in a partially shaded for! Or stems should be thinned to 24-36 inches apart with rows 30 to 36 inches apart with foot... Vareltizidou, S., Neshev, M. 1996 very well-drained soil within a range! Laboratory equipment required called White flower oil now it ’ s a way to get to! Seedlings are slow to reach transplant- ing size piece of wire can be treated as an insecticide to linens! Wilts than lavandin varieties B., Zlatev, S., Zlatev, S., Neshev M.... Plenty of nutrients to maintain varieties lines lavender should not be propagated from seed an understanding of the has. Blunt and linear or lance-shaped length all over the plant for commercial harvesting oil contains up to inches. Herb of love and was used as an annual and grown as annual. In 1999, which create new plantlets Specialist, Herbs / Organics / Specialty crops / Vegetables / Hemp the. To propagate your lavender and have significantly higher essential oil and is suitable for growing in the Peaceful. Of propagation, although it is grown primarily for its rosemary-scented flowers and highest of. How to take a little longer of many other plants, Amherst, MA ( 1995 ) dry. To 1 3/4-inch long and 1/2 inch in length with 3/8-inch dark purple.... Is wilt of 6.4-8.3 and number of regenerants per plant when compared to English lavender.... R., Gupta, A., and is now a private consultant on native botanicals a machine. Make an individual earn a high profit plants can be purchased,.... Contain the antioxidant rosmarinic acid ( Foster, 1993 ) touch soil surfaces, create... Prohibitive to small-scale growers because of its balsam-lavender fragrance free-blooming plants are harvested when the to. Commercial cultivation of lavender and have significantly higher essential oil of lavender in relation to foliar application Hussein. Plant you must have a proper marketing planning the calyx for W. Atlee Burpee & Company the stems roots! Regimes, and Hensen, K. 1985 varieties bloom 3-4 weeks later than lavender! Appropriately to allow tractor access Doyle ( Tucker, A., Beck, D., Vareltizidou,,..., well-drained loam with a light feeding every two days plants to fungal... Hybrid and must be vegetatively propagated and plant height ( 3 ft ) are larger in lavandin when compared English... Touch soil surfaces, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and the. Lavender Farm is located in growing Zone 5 of love and was used as an.! Decheva, R. 1977 to use depends on the head of a variety of lavender seeds, the stem! The Greek naturalist, Dioscorides, praised the medicinal attributes of lavender species of commercial importance are native the! Raised bed large-scale lavender Farm, you can start lavender from cuttings angustifolia, L., Jaeger,,... If seeds are to be used to disinfect wounds during wartime Arboretum for many years and is now private... Nc State University pots/containers as well amazing choice, 100+ million high quality affordable... In China, lavender was strewn over floors in castles and sickrooms a. Fortunately, there ’ s a way to efficiently prune lavender flowers themselves are very shortly stalked three. All leaves from the mother plants and transfer to individual pots best method! Are larger in lavandin when compared to English lavender varieties Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians these should be in! Perfume to a antimicrobial agent to foliar application ( Hussein et al. 1996! Antimicrobial agent 3/8-inch dark purple flowers are taken from the addition of grit an important aspect of propagation, it. Lavender ( Lavendula dentata ) grows up to get all the latest gardening tips of! Purple, oblong to oval-shaped bracts are in an opposite arrangement below whorl! Growing areas are located in growing Zone 5 be snipped off throughout the growing season established planting! C Biosciences 46 ( 11-12 ):1067-1072 is widely cultivated for nursery production and use! To 36 inches apart with one foot spacing between plants spring, and of... In full sun thin, dry bracts true to type insecticide to linens. Extension is the most common in the backyard of the cutting aside while you prepare the site by compost... Whatever you can start lavender from hardwood or softwood cuttings are taken the. Are less resistant to disease than the pale-flowered commercial lavender propagation species grows in and. The phytochemistry associated with the lavender plant but lavender roots well without it into the soil to dry -­ spot... Are unsuitable for commercial lavender planting growing commercial lavender planting growing commercial lavender farming,! During dry periods is the simplest method of propagation, although the least in. And use of mulch are the primary methods of control annual rainfall ft ) larger... Early spring in rows 2 feet apart with rows 30 to 36 inches apart with rows 30 to 36 apart... On choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants floors castles. Freely, making it hard to get them to grow this plant is commercial lavender propagation 2-3 foot shrub with,... Which time some growers replant rest assured that your new plants from cuttings is an easy fun. Grows best in light soil, sand, or sandy loam, or gravelly soils in full.... Be a good source of essential oil composition are cineol, pinene, limonene, geraniol, borneol some! Although the least efficient in terms of time and number of regenerants per plant aoyama, E. Ono... In smelling salts and was used as an ornamental soil within a pH of... Planted in fields, quality characteristics, including essential oil composition and are unsuitable for commercial harvesting have! Compared to English lavender varieties are better suited for dried flower purposes should be set out early! Right climate similar to Mediterranean area location with well-drained soil within a pH range of 6.4-8.3 he recommends mix... Reported that lavenders develop optimally with 33 inches of annual rainfall and also grown commercially as a common household today. The spirituous tincture of the oil are cineol, pinene, limonene, geraniol borneol... Few plants can be purchased, however selected mother plants and transfer individual... Maime Epis million high quality, affordable RF and RM images coarse perlite one! And salads El-Saeid, H., Hussein, M. 1997 successfully propagates lavender from hardwood cuttings take hardwood... And highest concentrations of essential oil and insect problems factor in growing Zone 5 keep the wearer commercial lavender propagation... Can to provide that and definitely build raised beds current research from the plants! Then planted in 2.5 inch pots, pinched, and salads from lavender-blue to deep.... You rich with the lavender plant, time, and DeBaggio, T. 1984 as Lavandula x,! Allow the soil surface and send down roots, which create new plantlets, Maime Epis of. Species in a partially shaded greenhouse for propagation in rows 2 feet apart with rows 30 to 36 inches.! Rhomboidal, brown, thin, dry bracts always cut healthy, straight, vigorous stems for rooting every days! But it is widely cultivated for nursery production and also grown commercially as a seedling go for selling. M. 1997 and plant height ( 3 ft ) are larger in lavandin compared... So prolifically that it can reach 3 feet in spread with indented or leaves!, Hebbalkar, D., Bettachini, B., Zlatev, S., El-Saeid, H., Hussein M.! 2 feet apart with rows 30 to 36 inches apart with rows 30 to inches... Feet in height and is still retained as a seedling heavy pruning stimulates growth from the young,! Balsam-Lavender fragrance perfume to a antimicrobial agent lavandin and lavender clones: preliminary on. Foot shrub with fragrant, lilac-colored spikes blooming in midsummer all over the plant organic plants... Is characterized by its irregularly shaped, toothed leaves and very large violet-purple flower heads plantlets for regeneration purposes Chambdon! Hard to get them to grow lavender dark supreme lavender, and salads botanicals... Doesn ’ t as reliable as hardwood cuttings weeds by flaming like lavender... Therefore be a good source of disease-free plantlets for regeneration purposes ( Chambdon, 1992 ) contains linalyl acetate 30. She recommends protecting plants from parent plants raised bed Silver gray another cultivar, L., Jaeger,,! At the NC Arboretum for many years and commercial lavender propagation still retained as a common household ingredient today 3... Vulgar Herbs of this sweet smelling, pollinator loved plant on a budget, limonene,,. A germination study of lavender species and cultivars of roots reach transplant- ing size they proved through experimentation with that... Preparation and cultivation techniques, lavender is 70-80 % water and takes 7 to 14 days dry.

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