yokohama yk740 gtx

All-Season Performance Touring Passenger Car tire. Type: Performance, Truck / SUV. One year warranty + free shipping on all inventory ;) Happy shopping! Today, we are going to review a tire from Yokohama, that is, YK740 GTX All-Season Tire. This testing helps develop their Advan line of ultra high-performance tyres, which are known to give a smooth ride, great comfort and handling under all conditions. All the tires sold are USED, and have various treads. Model YK740 GTX. Various sizes: 145. The Yokohama YK740 GTX™ is a great choice for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, crossovers, and minivans. Yokohama’s Orange Oil Compound. The Yokohama YK580 tire has a long tread life: 60,000 mile tread life warranty for H and V rated sizes, and 45,000 mile tread life warranty for the W rated sizes. 185/55R15. 16" … 175/65R15. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Toyota Yaris Ia, followed by the Honda Accord, Mazda 3, Ford Mustang and Honda Cr-v. 59 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. Triple 3D sipes Asymmetric Groove Arrangement Adaptive shoulder block and special pitch variation ELS Orange Oil compound Up to 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (on P/E-Metric sizes) Benefits. Passenger Yokohama YK740 GTX - Summer Tire: characteristics, photo, available sizes, tire specifications and start year of production. Used Pair of Yokohama YK740 GTX 18" tires with decent tread for sale. Season: All Season. Features. Over this time, I saw about a 10% decrease in my EV range (4-5 miles range) and on the few times I was using gas, it was also about 10% less mpg. All used tires go through 2 layers of inspection on specialized equipment. Features. Compare Low Prices for Yokohama YK740 GTX Tires; See Price: See Price : See Price: Yokohama YK740 GTX Tire Sizes 15" Tires. tread depth6.5 /32. The Yokohama YK740 GTX is designed with modern technology to provide a performance all-season touring tire that rivals any other. Condition: Used. Yokohama YK740 GTX prices range from approximately $97 and up. Like all tire manufacturers both Michelin and Yokohama offer dozens of models of tires which vary in quality and performance type. After 6+ weeks with the Yokohama YK740 GTX tires on the rear, I decided that I needed to go back to Discount Tire to have them replaced. Yokohama Brand Yokohama Model Geolander G055 Item Weight 33.7 pounds Product Dimensions 28.8 x 10.4 x 28.8 inches Item model number 5529 Manufacturer Part Number 5529 Special Features Run_flat Section Width 255 Millimeters Aspect Ratio 55 Construction Radial Rim Diameter 18 Inches Load Index Rating 109 Speed Rating V Tread Depth 11 32nds UTQG Sign in to check out Check out as guest . YK740 GTX is the next level of all-season touring performance. Looking to get $100.00 for the pair. When the original tread of a Yokohama temporary spare tire used in temporary highway service on the vehicle on which it was originally installed is worn less than 1/32 inch (0.8 mm), the tire will be replaced with a new Yokohama temporary spare tire free of charge, without charge for mounting and balancing the new tire. We will evaluate if the features match the claimed performance of this unit. 195/60R15. Servicing an extensive sales network throughout the U.S., Yokohama Tire Corporation is a leader in technology and innovation. 205/60R15. Selling all used tires at discount costs. Advantages and disadvantages of the model in customer reviews, videos and discussions. Yokohama provides a 60,000 mile treadlife warranty on the YK740 GTX. Apply Now! Have an xl7, when changing out first set of tires, went with Yokokama. Loved them. Summer: 56. This is not really surprising given the YK740 GTX is Yokohama’s premium touring tire. This is pretty standard for all-season tires. January 17, 2018. The orange oil compound is a low-rolling resistance tire compound. The straight … Details about [1] Yokohama YK740 GTX P255/50R20 255 50 20 Tire 9.5-10.5/32 [1] Yokohama YK740 GTX P255/50R20 255 50 20 Tire 9.5-10.5/32. All tires sold go through inspection and testing before the sale. Click Here To Find The Current Prices On All Yokohama YK740 GTX Sizes. With an enhanced advanced compound and innovative tread design, the YK740 GTX offers improved longevity and confident handling year round. Yokohama YK470 GTX UTQG: 740 A, A Warranty: 60,000 Miles Click here for: Yokohama YK740 GTX Availability and Pricing-KEY FEATURES-Triple 3D Sipes; ELS Orange Oil Compound ; Wider Tread Profile; Nylon Cap Cover The YK-HTX is an all season tire for pickups, SUVs, and crossovers. Winter: 17. Additional service charges are payable by the customer. Location: WOODLAND HILLS Warranty. YK740 GTX Tires by YOKOHAMA®. Total Yokohama tires in stock: 766. Yokohama YK740 GTX Review: One of the best fairly-priced touring tires. June 16, 2019 at 6:48 pm . After 6+ weeks with the Yokohama YK740 GTX tires on the rear, I decided that I needed to go back to Discount Tire to have them replaced. Yokohama uses an orange oil resin – extracted from the peels of used oranges – as an alternative to petroleum-based oils in YK740 GTX tires. Yokohama YK740 GTX is a touring all-season tire designed to fit cars, crossovers, minivans, sport utility vehicles and vans. In turn, the tire performs consistently, whether it’s summer or winter. 888-258-4737 ; Wheels; Tires; Packages; Lift Kits; Contact; Cart; Wheels for Warriors Launched! Shop Yokohama YK740 Gtx's for sale online at Fitment Industries.

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