kau yuk recipe

For most that see this recipe it”s not Kau Yuk as much as Kau “YUCK”. https://leitesculinaria.com/27156/recipes-slow-cooked-pork-belly.html This is from Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory in Honolulu, HI  Bust the bank and buy the whole bottle of fermented red bean curd to make this dish and either toss out the bottle right then and there or let it have a slow death in your fridge until you clean it out and actually toss it out with reason. There is kau yuk and then there is kau yuk and then there is kau yuk! For the Sauce/marinate. Originally a rustic provincial village dish, it has been refined in some of the more upscale establishments. A half hour before serving, add the taro.  When you hear the popping stop, remove lid and deep fry on all sides until golden in color. Braised pork belly with taro (芋头扣肉) – How to make in 4 steps. There is kau yuk flavored with dried pickled mustard (mui choy) alone and then there is kau yuk flavored with fermented bean curd (nom yu) alone. Pour the broth and the sherry into the Instant Pot. Simmer for 20 minutes. KAU YUK 3-4 lbs.