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Looks like they'll last 55,000km to 60k easy on my Subaru sedan. However, in the video it was listed as a 91H, so my quandary is, would the 91H provide slightly improved subjective comfort over a 91V? We will be attending the Michelin Primacy 4 launch in mid October 2017, so we will have a full list of Primacy 4 sizes on the website shortly after. Tarjoukset ja kampanjat - tilaa uutiskirje. Primacy 4 comes with EverGrip Technology which is designed to increase water evacuation for wet grip as the tyre wears with usage. 濡れた路面にも強い、プレミアムコンフォートタイヤ「michelin primacy 4(プライマシー フォー)」の製品紹介ページ。是非最寄りのミシュランタイヤ取扱販売店でお求めください。 เมื่อสัปดาห์ที่ผ่านมาทาง Michelin ได้เปิดตัวยาง Michelin Primacy 4 ยางตระกูลนุ่มเงียบ ที่มาทดแทน Primacy 3 ภายใต้แนวคิด “อายุยางเปลี่ยน ความมั่นใจไม่เคยเป MICHELIN PRIMACY 4, "Safety Made To Last". 2018-11-23 - What is your advice 're replacing 2 tyres? Would definitely buy again! It’s recommended for D-segment and above sedans – the likes of a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, or even a Mercedes-Benz C-Class or a BMW 3 Series. May be less of a problem if you have a narrow sidewall, but my 195/65/15’s look awful. Rs. 2018 sizes are 185/65-15 and 195/65-15 in May/Sept, more to follow in 2019. The new MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 tyre is a concrete demonstration of the Michelin Group’s strategy: consumers must be able to drive safely, throughout the life of the tyre, right down to the legal wear indicator of 1.6 mm, This tyre replaced the Michelin Primacy 3. The Pilot Sport 4 I have on the car now are wearing down (will get roughly around 30K km on them) and I enquired about Evo 3, Conti Premium 6 and F1 A5 (had the A3 before the PS4) and I can only find the front tyres (!!!) The Michelin Primacy 4 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car. 2017-09-27 - Can you mail the catalog of primacy 4 or all the tyres size for me? Michelin Primacy 4 Rengas Kesärenkaat - Renkaatvaihtoon.fi. I have used the tyres in all conditions but can’t comment on wear yet as I have only done a couple of thousand k’s. This post has been edited by littlefire: Oct 20 2020, 12:09 PM The XL has better fuel rating and one decibel lower noise level. Los nuevos Michelin Primacy 4 llevan desde el pasado mes de enero de 2018 desembarcando en el mercado. However the Formula One Autocentre fitted the Primacy 3 tyres saying that the order of the Primacy 4 is due in another 6 weeks so he suggested to keep the Primacy 3 for the same price? Le tecnologie MICHELIN EverGrip permettono di mantenere eccellenti performance di frenata sul bagnato dal primo [2] all'ultimo chilometro [1-3] Sicurezza Fatta per Durare. Best tyres for my Fiat Punto! They are made in Poland, weeks 10 and 11, so just before this virus disaster. michelin primacy 4 vs primacy 3st,Michelin Primacy 3st Tyres, Pcr, 215/55R17 94V Tyre Width: 215 mm Height: 55 Diameter: 17 inches Usage : SUMMER Vehicle Type : PCR Size: 215/55R17 Comparing MICHELIN Primacy 4 vs average of four premium brand of tyres. How do primacy 4 perform on grip as compared with PS4? So I'm kinda left with the F1 A3 and the Primacy 4. Help millions of other tyre buyers. What's the difference between Michelin Primacy 4ST and Michelin Primacy 4? Sometime 80 to 90mph. A very hard question to answer! Price for the Goodyear should be a bit cheaper (around €530 compared to €580 for the Primacy 4). As I currently got my 2 rear tyres changed and bought the Primacy 4 tyres. Tilaa uutiskirjeemme ja saat uutisia ja tarjouksia! Can’t decide between Michelin Primacy 4 , Continental Premium 6 and Dunlop SportMaxx RT2. Car: Ford Focus 2008 1.6 Ti-VCT 115hp . 2018-09-17 - I am thinking about buying this tyre, but I don't know which version to choose between: 225/45/R17 91W/Y or the 225/45/R17 94W XL. at the moment. Comparing new and worn MICHELIN Primacy 4 vs average of four premium brand of tyres. The MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 tyre offers a new a reference for safety. I know one tyre is a performance tyre and the Primacy 4 is a touring tyre and I'm not really driving the car on sport mode so I'm leaning towards the Primacy 4. Βρείτε τον κοντινότερο αντιπρόσωπο Michelin και αποκτήστε τα δικά σας. Sometimes XL tyres with loads like to be around 2 psi higher, but again worth checking. Recently purchased four Primacy 4 to substitute 4 Dunlop Sport Bluresponse, which were down to 2mm in 28.000 miles (45.000 km), permutations included. . According to the test results Michelin Primacy 4 took 2nd place. After each purchase of a new car I changed the tyres 2018-10-15 - Following on from the question someone had relating to the XL version being better noise and efficiency ratings that xl version appears more preferable to the 91 rated version. Use or updgrade/install one of the following browsers to take full advantage of this website. 2018-09-01 - Considering both these or Pilot Sport for Golf 1.4 in 205.55 R16. Can anyone clearly characterize the differences in "qualities" of these tyres in order to aid decision-making? Rated most silent and comfortable ride vs other premium brands* *Interior noise testing at 50-70 kph and comfort assessment at 30-50 kph conducted by TUV Rhineland Thailand Ltd on Michelin’s request, in Jan 2018, on dimension 225/50R17 on Honda Accord. Hi Michelin, the Dealer in pune Tyre Trax, is selling the Primay 4ST at 6900/- Rs 450 more than the recommend price. I haven't seen the tyre yet. Check out the nearest Michelin tyre dealer to get yours. After three years of development, this tyre provides a high level of performance on wet roads, from the first use until worn to the legal wear indicator (1.6mm). Reason I ask if because the Primacy 3 is more expensive than the Primacy 4. Michelin recently launched its Primacy 4 tyre in Pattaya, Thailand, to replace the outgoing Primacy 3 ST and it’s being touted to possess greater consistency and durability throughout its use. Passenger Car Summer Premium Touring tyres, 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test, See all 58 customer reviews of the Michelin Primacy 4 (newest first) >>, 2020 All Season Tyre Market Overview - 32 Tyre Braking Test, 2020 AutoBild Van All Season Commercial Tyre Test, 2020 Tyre Reviews UHP All Season Tire Test, New VS 4mm VS 2mm All Season Tyre Performance, 2019 19 Inch Performance Winter Tyre Test, 2020 Auto Bild Performance Winter Tyre Test, 2020 Vi Bilagare Nordic Friction Winter Tyre Test, 2020 Winter Tyre Market Overview - 52 Tyre Braking Test, Summer, All Season, All Weather, Winter, Nordic Winter and Studded Tyres Tested, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R VS Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS VS Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. 7th place in Straight aqua. 2020-01-06 - Rear primacy 3 XL on my BMW 520D are worn (after 12k mileage) but Fronts have over 5mm tread left. I just hope they last longer than the previous. If you ordered the Primacy 4, I would want those tyres. 2019-08-26 - Living in a small market country like Cyprus where the market is limited to options in "strange" sizes (Lexus IS220d with 225/45/17 & 245/45/17) I have the following decision to take. Does anyone know if there's much difference in the noise level between these two tyres? Michelin was 4.2 sec slower, than the leader. Should you buy Michelin Primacy 3 ST or Michelin Primacy 4 ST. Find out which tyre is best for you - compare the two models on the basis of their price, features, size, and other specs. Your assumption is correct in that the Primacy 4 should be slightly more comfortable, slightly quieter and slightly better mileage, where as the PS4 will feel slightly more sporty. In that size, the 91H and 91V tyres are the same construction, so it wouldn't make a difference. The float speed was 2.8km/h lower, than the leader. Priced at the same point as the P3ST. I would be between the Michelin and Continental Premium Contact 6, but I would probably end up choosing the Michelin Pilot Sport 4! They are a direct replacement for the Primacy 3, and improve on the Primacy 3 in most areas. The Michelin Primacy 4 is Michelin’s latest comfort-oriented premium tyre. Hei.Ostin eilen michelin primacy 4 kesärenkaat. from, You are using a website browser that is not supported by this website. Do you think primacy 4 would be a good fit to replace the rear? Wondering if I should just keep the Primacy 3 tyres now they are fitted. Being a 90kw model, both VW and Michelin have recommended 91H or higher for 205/55 16 wheels. 5 YEARS MICHELIN WARRANTY Michelin said they would be availabe from january. Silent, grippy and last long. The car is an Audi A3 Sportback 2.0TDI 170HP. I've had my 215/45/17 pilot sport 4 tyres since early 2017. Yllätys oli melkoinen,kun kotona mittasin urasyvyyden se on 6mm. quilómetro (1-3) Michelin Primacy 3 ST is priced at Rs 6815 whereas the Michelin Primacy 4 ST is priced at Rs 6485. 4.6/5. Dinilai sebagai ban yang paling senyap dan nyaman dibandingkan dengan merk ban premium lainnya. Do you think I should put the newer tyre on the rear? I live in Spain and my driving is about 20 miles (30 km) a day from the city towards an industrial area. 4.5/5. This is a strategy that the Group applies across all its activities and products, from cars and motorcycles to trucks. Making me think that Primacy 3 might actually be better as an overall tyre? 2009-2013 ContiSportContact5 (35000km) . 2018-02-13 - When will 15'' sizes be availabe for this tire? I am michelin user since 1981. Μάθετε για τα ελαστικά Michelin Primacy 4! Generally run Michelin tyres on my cars. Pneumatici MICHELIN Primacy 4, "Sicurezza Fatta per Durare". I tried to contact the customer service and very disappointed that no call was returned. 2018-06-04 - For a 205/55/R16/91V tyre size, which is better, Michelin Primacy 4 or Continental Premium contact 5? I can buy Michelin Primacy 4 and Michelin XM2+ for a similar price. I understand both of these tyres use the same rubber compound, but the different tread patterns may result in different noise levels. MICHELIN products are assured through MICHELIN Group’s global quality standards - a benchmark in the industry. Comparing MICHELIN Primacy 4 vs average of four premium brand of tyres. The car is not a daily driver so will be happy if they last 5 years, which they are bound to. It's always best to start running at the manufacturers recommended pressures. Michelin Primacy 4 provides lasting safety and excellent performance in both new and worn conditions, throughout its entire life cycle. Overall Michelin Primacy 4 review. The Michelin Primacy 4 tyre offers a new a reference for safety. Every little helps. :) Thank you. Have they dropped 15''? Front primacy 3 on my volvo are worn but rears have over 5mm tread left. MICHELIN Primacy 4 "Segurança concebida para durar". Last year when I bought it, Golf came with Continental Eco Contact tyres that I used around 1000km, I mostly complained Wear is OK, even with my sporty drivestyle. 6815 per tyre including GST. 2018-03-12 - Need your help . Berkendara Senyap dan Nyaman. Copyright ©2020 Michelin. At Tyresales we have the biggest collection of MICHELIN tyres of all sizes starting from $177 We guarantee the lowest price To fit your MICHELIN tyres we have 1,750 fitment centers across Australia. Compared to its direct competitors, the new MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 lasts an average of 18,000 kilometres more; confirming the long lasting performance of the new tyres designed by Michelin. All rights reserved, 22 sizes available Rated most silent and comfortable ride vs other premium brands* *Interior noise testing at 50-70 kph and comfort assessment at 30-50 kph conducted by TUV Rhineland Thailand Ltd on Michelin’s request, in Jan 2018, on dimension 225/50R17 on Honda Accord. Preview : Michelin Primacy 4 --- กับระยะทางไกล 3,000 กม.แรก Πληροφορίες, κριτικές, διαστάσεις... όλα στον Ιστότοπο της Michelin. Find out all about Michelin Primacy 4 ST, one of our all-weather tyres that delivers excellent wet and dry road experiences! Both seem excellent tyres...but not really sure how they compare to each other. Would the 94 xl version need a higher psi or is it OK to run at the car manufacturers recommended psi (assuming the only psi rating given is for a 91 rated tyre)? Gighly recommended. In theory the higher load rating could give you slightly less comfort, but in practice the differences can be very hard to notice so I would suggest that would be the tyre I would look at fitting. Great grip overall and the noise level on highways/motorways is not that bad. On the other hand Michelin Primacy 4 ST gets 3.9 stars based on 0 user reviews. isCar!台灣米其林於今日 (7/12) 正式宣布全新 Michelin Primacy 4 隆重在台上市,這款結合創新科技與嶄新配方的全新產品,承襲「Primacy 3」經濟、節能、省油的特性,更針對的溼地性能強化,就算已磨耗至一定程度,行駛在濕滑下雨路面,表現依舊不打折。 For details, please ask one of our authorised dealers in Africa, India and Middle East. Do you think primacy 4 would be a good fit to replace the fronts as presumably they have similar characteristics to the primacy 3s. Primacy 4 is the obviously replacement for the 3, it's improved slightly in almost all categories. MICHELIN product performance is a result of great care and quality built into the product at every stage of the production process. No issues for the past 35,000km. 2020 New 17 Inch Summer Tyre Test - 4th of 10 tyres, 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test - 7th of 12 tyres, 2020 Auto Express Summer Tyre Test - 2nd of 10 tyres. After three years of development, this tyre provides a high level of performance on wet roads, from the first use until worn to the legal wear indicator (1.6mm). Any opinion to get me over the line? Bumps and ridges are damped nicely. Share this post. * Terms and conditions apply. 初步感覺Primacy 4是着重舒適性和濕地安全的類型,和一般輸出低至中的車款相容性較高。現時可選型號大概有30多款,輪圈尺寸由16去到18吋。至於耐用性及磨損後的表現,將會在再使用一段時間後另作評測。 行駛距離:2,500km 型號:Michelin Primacy 4 尺寸:205/55 R16 Dealer is selling the Primacy 4ST at higher rate PradeepSabat - December 6, 2020 Hi Michelin, the Dealer in pune Tyre Trax, is selling the Primay 4ST at 6900/- Rs 450 more than the recommend price. To verify you're human please type the word you see above in the box below. I was surprised as I checked the initial depth at about 6.5mm in the center channels and slightly less, about 6,2mm, in the outer channels. The plan is a phased transition in some sizes from Energy Saver+ to Primacy 4. Check out the nearest Michelin tyre dealer to get yours. Tyre performs as you would expect a michelin to, HOWEVER, tyre wall is covered extensively in a fine ribbed pattern that makes the tyre look grey-faded from day one. Ratings & Reviews There are 1809 reviews of the Michelin Primacy 4. Comfort and handling were good enoughİ! Michelin Energy XM2 scores 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 0 user reviews. Thank you! Get a FREE car wash Buy MICHELIN tyres now and pay on a per day basis I … The car feels better to drive. Usually I drive within speed limits. Vincitore del test ADAC 2020 su pneumatici estivi. I’m looking at the Primacy 4 as all round replacements, historical spinal injuries/surgery mean comfort is a priority nowadays, in your recent test the Primacy 4 rated highly on subjective comfort. Test Winner in ADAC summer panel 2020. Main conclusions: Good dry performance. Overall rating of my tyres. Without knowing your market it is very difficult for me to recommend anything else, especially as you really seem to know your tyres! They are both comparable tyres. (over and above all the excellent reviews). Vencedor no painel de verão2020 de ADAC. 2019-07-30 - Is Primacy 4 an upgrade to the Primacy 3? Link to post Share on other sites. 2-4th place in Noise test. The Michelin will have better mileage, the Conti might have slightly better wet grip. This may result in strange behaviors when browsing round.

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