what information does the federal scout share with farquhar?

A piece of driftwood slowly moving down a current, the mist … The Federal Scout is motivated to offer information about sabotaging the Oak Creek Bridge because he knew Farquhar would act and in doing so would be trapped and consequently hung. In response to Federal Scout's information. he is honest and straight forward b.) This quiz is incomplete! What details in Part III suggest that Farquhar's journey occurs in his mind? He was betrayed by a federal scout/union spy. How is the journey connected with the plan of escape that occurs to him moments before he is hanged? Which of the following best describes Farquhar’s attitude towards the war? How is the journey connected with the plan of escape that occurs to him moments before he is hanged? Farquhar's board is released and he falls. How does Peyton Farquhar end up in a noose on Owl Creek Bridge? Farquhar asked how a civilian could attempt some form of sabotage. Early in the story, what's interrups Farquhar's thought about his wife and children? Finish Editing. the meeting is critical to the story: the Union army would not have captured Farquhar had he not been entrapped by the Federal scout. 5. Box 5046 The soldier told him that one could easily set fire to the driftwood that had piled up near the bridge after the past winter’s flood. Students can infer from its core of deception that the rest of the story contains a key deception: Farquhar thinks that he has escaped … When Farquhar expresses... See full answer below. Farquhar gets the idea to burn the bridge. What details in Part III suggest that Farquhar's journey occurs in his mind? Farquhar takes interest and asks if it is possible to sabotage the bridge, to which the soldier replies that he could burn it down. Why was Farquhar captured? A. excited and committed B. sad and angry C. confused and upset D. surprised and happy 6. Who comes to visit Farquhar at his home? Why did the Federal scout lie? When the soldier leaves, it is revealed that he is a Union scout who has lured Farquhar into a trap, as anyone caught interfering with the railroads faces summary hanging. asked for a drink of water at Farquhar's home. Dropping out the motor. The Federal scout, dressed as a Confederate soldier, tells Farquhar that the Owl Creek Bridge has been seized by Union troops. Told him that the Yanks built a stockade at Owl Creek Bridge, saying that anybody who interfered with the railroad would be hanged. The Federal scout lied to bait him. That said, fixing your own Lionel does give you a sense of accomplishment. 7. Farquhar is motivated to aid the Confederate cause because he … To play this quiz, please finish editing it. One screw is up top, another screw coming from the side, and two screws in the bottom. Share practice link. When Peyton suggests sabotage the federal scout suggests that the bridge can be burned down What does that say about his chracter a.) Part III. On Lionel steam engines, usually there are four screws holding the motor in place. he is an arsonist at heart c.) he is not above setting up Peyton d.) he dislikes his commands It can even be fun. Mail donations to: P.O. Girl Scouts of the USA 420 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10018 tel: (800) 478-7248 fax: (212) 852-6515 EIN: 13-1624016 . The details like how he is able to dodge bullets and see far enough to know where the eyes of the shooter are looking show that this is not actually happening. Farquhar was captured because he was a confederate spy. answer choices ... Farquhar is approached by a Federal scout. In "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," why does the Federal scout suggest burning the bridge? Charity Contact Info. When he is hanged, the rope breaks. Secretly Federal Scout. Remove all four, and the motor comes out.

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